Word uTIlities

If you want to cut to the chase and just download the Word uTIlities, click here to go to the download section.
Otherwise, read on for a brief description of what the tools do.

What the Word uTIlities do

Let’s face it. Microsoft Word is a great program.

But like most things in life, there is always a little more that it should be able to do.

Fortunately, Microsoft have made provision for the extension of Word through the inclusion of VBA. These uTIlities are written in VBA for Word, and add some neat features to do things that Word otherwise cannot do.

Here is a short list of what the uTIlities do.
(If you would like a more extensive description, you could take a look at the Word uTIlities help file, but if  you are downloading the Word uTIlities setup file from the links at the top or bottom of this page, you need not download this help file separately, as it is included in the install package.)

The uTIlities are customised for Word 2007/2010/2013/2016. They add a ribbon to the interface, with various tools.

First, though, there are two “hidden” tools that are not on the ribbon. These are typically tools that you would only use once. To get them, press Ctrl+F8 and then select them from the macros dialog (if you have lots of macros, you may want to set Macros in to ‘Word uTIlities.dotm (global template)’):

RegisterThesisKeyboardShortcuts you need to use only once–it  attempts to register the keyboard shortcuts suggested in my book Doing Your Dissertation with Microsoft Word (p. 31).

BasicTableReformatting strips away all extraneous formatting from a table. I no longer have this on the ribbon, because it is probably better to do this using the Clear tool from the Table Styles gallery.

Then there are a few tools listed on the ribbon:

Document Management:

Backup: Creates a one-click backup of the current document. By far the most popular
and most-used tool in the set!

Copy to new: Allows you to copy the selected part of a document to a new document based on the same template as the original.

Combine documents: Takes several documents from the file browser, and merges them into one document. This does not use the Master document structure to do this, but rather actually copies and pastes each successive document into the main document.

Document Statistics: A shortcut to show the Microsoft Word Document Statistics dialog.

Styles and Templates:

Style Summary: Examines a document and generates a complete list of the styles found, and used, in the document. Can also count the number of occurrences of each used style (some styles are listed as used, but do not occur any more, and are thus, technically, unused), although this does take some time to complete.

Share template: Ensure that all of a set of documents use the same template.


Bookmark manager: In all honesty, Word’s built-in Bookmark dialog is severely lacking. Here is my replacement for it, that does what I believe a bookmark manager should do. Us it to rename bookmarks (which Word’s tool cannot do), reposition bookmarks, add and delete bookmarks, and see a complete, sortable list of all the bookmarks, either in the whole document, or just in a selection.

List Bookmark: Compiles a list of all the bookmarks in the current document, and writes it to a table in a new document (similar to the style summary above) so that you can print it out, etc.

Shrink Bookmark: If a cross reference includes more characters than the item to which it refers, the fault could be bookmark related. With this tool, you select the actual cross reference, and it finds the errant bookmark, and adjusts it by one character from the left. Problem solved!


Captioned figure: Nothing revolutionary, but if you add a lot of captioned figures, a huge time saver. It pastes a picture from the clipboard, captions it, and sets the necessary paragraph Keep with Next settings to ensure that the figure and its caption do not get separated.

Numbered equation: One of the big gripes about Word is that it cannot nicely caption-number an equation in the same line as the equation itself. You will find some “wanna-be” solutions on the Net, but none seem to satisfy. I assure you, this one does (but note the Shrink Bookmark tool above if you cross reference to the so-captioned equation).


Very popular with journal editors and the like. These two tools allow you to do something you cannot do manually in Word—change the listed author of comments or revisions (and/or comments) in a section of a document, or a whole document.

Change Comment authors: Change the listed author of comments in a section of a document, or a whole document. This cannot be changed manually in Word.

Change Revision authors: Change the listed author of revisions (optionally together with comments) in a whole document (the original document is either backed up before being changed, or saved as a renamed copy). Again, this cannot be done manually in Word, but may be very important to have done (e.g., to “anonymise” revisions).


Update all fields: Updates all fields in the document, including in headers and footers, foot- and end notes, etc.

Index entries:

Count XE: Tells you how many Index Entry fields you have in a document.

List XE: Lists all the Index entry fields, and the pages on which they occur. Great if you have to find an errant index entry that is causing a problem in your index.

Clean XE: For some odd reason, additional formatting added to XE fields can cause them to appear separately in the index. This finds all XE fields in the document and sets their style to Body Text.

Text editing:

Fit Hyperlink: Resolve the problem with adding long hyperlinks to a document by automatically adding no-width breaks at the appropriate places. The great thing about this is that the hyperlink is still functional–you can click on it, or even copy it and paste it into a browser and it will be resolved correctly.


 To install the uTIlities, simply download the file from the link below (remember to check back from time to time for updates–the date of the update is listed here–or set a notification so that you are notified when I update this page). Make sure Word is not running, double click the setup file, and follow the brief instructions.

If you are installing an update, there is no need to uninstall the previous version, as running the installer will replace the older version with the newer version.


The recommended way is to use the link for the Word uTIlities Setup installer file below–download and then run the .exe file to install.

Installer: Word uTIlities Setup (current version: 2.6.3, uploaded 2020-03-03)

If you find the uTIlities helpful, would you consider supporting them?

Some users have reported that the installer did not copy the files correctly, while others had no problems. If you install it, and it does not work, you can manually download the Word uTIlities.dotm template file and the help file below and copy them to this folder (the Word Startup directory) on your PC (substituting your own user name):
If you are struggling to find the Word Startup directory, do this in Word:
File | Options | Trust Center | Trust Center Settings… | Trusted Locations.
There you will find the location of the Word Starup directory. That’s where you want to copy the two files to.
Note that some browsers might not let you download a macro-containing file without a fight!

Manual: Word uTIlities and Word uTIlities help file

One last word before you go. As you can imagine, many, many hours have gone into the development of these tools. If you have bought my book, please download the tools for free and use them–that’s what they are for. If you haven’t bought the book, you are still free to download and use the tools. However, if you find them useful (i.e., if you find yourself using the tools often), please consider making a donation–I suggest the meagre amount of $5–or you could buy the book from Amazon (for a list of links to all the various local Amazon pages, see the book’s main page)! The Buy Now link below will accept a $5 payment from PayPal and some of the major credit cards (processed via PayPal). If you do make a contribution: Thanks!

I have decided to add a Donate button, as some users have reported to me that they consider the uTIlities to be worth much more than $5. If you share that sentiment, then please use the Donate button and donate what you feel is appropriate. Paypal indicates that Donate is only for use by non-profits. I am not certain that running this website at a loss (at present) counts as being “non-profit!” 🙂
However, so far, the payments I have received have all gone towards the website hosting costs, so your contributions are greatly appreciated.