Doing your dissertation or thesis with Word–the course: What people are saying

These are some comments from people who have done the course. If you have attended  the course, feel free to leave your comments here too.


One thought on “Doing your dissertation or thesis with Word–the course: What people are saying”

  1. Michael Nethavhani
    Submitted on 2012/11/01 at 11:33 am
    The course “Doing your dissertation with Microsoft word” is a true insight indeed. I took the course toward the end of my MBA study, and I really feel that this course could have saved me a ‘hell’ lot of my time if it was presented at the beginning of my study.

    I found Safety in numbering to be one of the most ‘breath taking’ section amongst others. It really save time to get word to take care of the ‘nitty grities’ while one concentrate on the most important issues of the paper. The tools which are presented in this course are quite useful even in a 10 pages assignment. I recommend this course to every Honours and Masters student from all works of life. For one to truly benefit from this course, I suggest that student take it at the beginning of thier post-graduate studies. One of the advantage of this course is that Jacques is always there to help whenever you need him.

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