Doing your dissertation or thesis with Word–Example files

On this page you will find example files which you can download and examine to see how the principles I discuss in the book are applied in practice.

Please note that because of copyright issues, the simplest thing for me to do was to use my own thesis and dissertation. Of course, that’s the only way I can get anyone to read them anyway!

Also note that the dissertation was done with Word 97, and the thesis with Word 2007. So some of the later techniques were not available when these were done.



Below are also some sample templates (Thesis 2010.dotx and Thesis UP 2009.dotx) which you can use for your own thesis or dissertation. I have noticed that some browsers change the file extension from .dotx to .zip in the download process, so if that happens, just change the file extension back to .dotx and the templates should be fine for use.

Thesis UP 2009

Thesis 2010

Also, the South African Harvard style which I created to be used in conjunction with Yves Dhondt’s BibWord is here.

HarvardSA (unzip the file and look here for more instructions on how to use it–or consult the book).

Don’t forget to visit the Word uTIlities page, to download those tools as well.



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