Doing your dissertation or thesis with Microsoft® Word

Are you struggling with MSWord, trying to type your thesis or dissertation, and thinking to yourself “There must be a better way!”?

Well, the good news is, there is! And all you need to know is found in the pages of this book. I know that that is a bold claim to make, but you can put it to the test.

Based on my experience in the academic context, where I have seen students struggled (and, of course, have been a student myself), I know how students are typing their theses and dissertations (generally, the wrong way), and I know how they could be typing those documents. It’s just sad to see how they struggle, when they could be cruising. The problem isn’t with Word, but with the fact that I would venture to say that most students don’t know how to use Word, even though they think they do.

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Doing your Dissertation with Microsoft® Word (ISBN: 978-0-86886-814-1) is now available.

If you are in Southern Africa, you can order the book from this website, or visit this page to get a list of South African bookstores that stock it or sell it on order.

If you are from elsewhere in the world, you could probably still order it from my web store, but I would recommend that you visit this page for links to all the Amazon sites (US, UK, Europe) that it can be ordered from–the postage may be less, and it will be delivered quicker.