Excel uTIlities

Well, as I’ve hinted at before, I am working on a set of Excel uTIlities in addition to my Word uTIlities.

The full set at the moment actually consists of several tools, but I am still testing some of them, and some I need to work on their speed. Given all my other commitments, I find that I am not getting as much time for this as I would like.

However, here is the basic start, which contains only two tools.

The first is pretty much the same backup tool as in the Word uTIlities (it works on the same principle). However, given some differences in the Word and Excel object models, this tool actually works better in Excel than it does in Word (although I would like to think that you won’t notice the difference). It saves a file with a date-stamp backup in the format filename yyyy-mm-dd.xlsx, and if you make multiple backups on the same day, then you get to add either a time suffix (e.g., filename yyyy-mm-dd hh-mm.xlsx) or an alphabetic suffix (e.g., filename yyyy-mm-dda.xlsx).

The second tool takes a workbook and copies each sheet in the workbook out to a separate new workbook (saving it with that worksheet name)–sort of a workbook splitter. Be careful, though, of using this latter tool with workbooks that contain references across sheets. At the moment, these are not fixed to reference the new copied workbook, but remain pointing to the original. Note also that the original remains untouched, so everything is a copy, and the process is quite safe (but still save it before splitting).

A word about the installation: I will work on an installer later. For the moment, download the file to a permanent folder when you want to keep it, then open a blank workbook in Excel, press Alt|T|I to open the Addins dialog, click on browse, and go to the place where you downloaded the file, and select it.